We create custom basketball jerseys

Let your team stand out with a custom jersey and short.
Mail us your design or idea and let us optimise it for production.
After we have made your game gear once it will always be available for extra orders. Make sure every player steps on the court in the same gear.
Yes, it is possible because we made it affordable and never go out of stock.

  • If you order more than 80 sets we make your custom design for free
  • First production is 6-8 weeks
  • Next productions will be ready in 4-6 weeks
  • Adult & kids sizes available
  • We have items for fitting available
  • We can create a sample if you wish

Pricing based on quantity

Basketball full set
(jersey + short)
Basketball reversible
jersey & regular short
Basketball jersey
or short
Basketball reversible
62€/set (10-50)77€/set (10-50)45€/item (10-50)60€/item (10-50)
50€/set (51-100)61€/set (51-100)30€/item (51-100)45€/item (51-100)
45€/set (101-200)55€/set (101-200)25€/item (101-200)35€/item (101-200)
40€/set (+200)50€/set (+200)20€/item (+200)31€/item (+200)
Prices incl. VAT
Basketball full set 
(jersey + short) + Backpack 50l Spalding
93€/pack (10-50)
80€/pack (51-100)
68€/pack (101-200)
65€/pack (+200)
Prices incl. VAT


Take a look at some of our work and get inspired. We have some designs off the shelf that we can adapt to your style or we can start with a blank canvas to create a unique design.